Why we get hooked to mahjong puzzle games

Here is so much to play over the internet. However, Mahjong puzzle games tend to take the lead when it comes to basic gaming where one doesn’t need all the bells and whistles that accompany super computers. All you need is a basic computer with some internet connection to lay your hand on a Mahjong puzzle. Whether you are a casual gamer or in search of something designed to kill time, Mahjong puzzle games will fit your needs well. The genre of this Chinese game encourages simplicity, so it’s very likely that some potential users will ignore them due to the perceived lack of challenge associated with these games.

If you are a beginner, you will find a Mahjong puzzle very relaxing to play especially when you’re stressed out in most part of the day. The mechanics of the game are very simple. You only need to clear tiles that are similar to each other. You solve the puzzle by clearing the board of tiles. With that in mind, you will at least accomplish one level.

In fact, Mahjong won’t subject you to some thorough searching for an object that’s laid in plain sight. It’s quite different from what happens in Hidden object games or first-shooter games where users have to deal with the stress of risking getting shot or losing points. But it is also less casual that Match 3 games where one has to proceed even faster to beat time. This can quickly mount a substantial amount of pressure on a player.

Therefore, all you will be doing is to look for similar tiles that you will match. The pace of playing Mahjong games seem to get really slow. But this is a strategy in the sense that it allows your mind to slow down from all the processing of information associated with other games. In fact, all you need to concentrate on is the markings appearing on particular tiles. Once you find that matching tile, you will pair up the tiles and by doing so, you solve the puzzle and move to the next level.

Also, you will notice that all Mahjong puzzle games tend to feature picturesque backgrounds with swathes of land and lakes in Asia. When your eyes get used to these backgrounds, you will seem to ignore and blend them into the rest of the game. However, by doing so, you will be playing in accordance to how the game was designed — to keep you from thinking about the background and instead focusing on what needs to be done. Look at the images and you will realize that some of them are rendered in colors that aren’t so attractive and could distract you somehow. Those colors were meant to relax the eye.

You should also notice the soothing Oriental music in Mahjong puzzle games. These tunes are designed to relax the mind in addition to the background architect which does its job perfectly. This kind of music has a calming effect you may not notice. However, it’s one reason why many people end up getting hooked to Mahjong games. These games simply harmonize imagery, soundtrack and game-play to deliver the best results. They momentarily relax the mind while letting you enjoy the fun of the moment.

You can get a mahjong puzzle game at google play:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=lll.mahjong.connect.free.games